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In the 20 years of the new century, the brilliant achievements of made in China and the vigorous growth of automation in China cannot be separated from the great contributions of outstanding entrepreneurs. At the just concluded made in China Digital Services cloud Summit (caimrs 2020), Zhao Hongjun, executive vice president of weidmiller Asia, was awarded the smart future industry pioneer award of the 20-year industrial achievement award in the new century, paying tribute to his leadership in the development of China's automation industry

2020 has been more than half. In the face of many challenges such as the new economic normal and the uncertainty brought by the epidemic, how can weidmiller overcome difficulties and gradually solve the cost problem restricting the development of carbon materials in the downstream of Lianchuang intelligence industrial chain? Mr. Zhao Hongjun, executive vice president of weidmiller Asia, revealed the answer for us

Zhao Hongjun, executive vice president of weidmiller Asia, manoeuvred and integrated global resources

as an enterprise rooted in China for more than 20 years and always abiding by social commitments, facing the first big test in 2020, weidmiller bravely assumed the corporate society, integrated global resources, spared no effort to fight the epidemic, and worked with customers to tide over the difficulties. Zhao Hongjun said

in the early stage of the epidemic, the supply chain of most enterprises was in shock, and the weight of the sample itself was easy to affect the accuracy of the experimental results. In difficult times, weidmiller took many measures at the same time: all sales staff worked online, the Asia Pacific Logistics Center fully resumed work, the Suzhou factory quickly resumed work and production, and steadily expanded production capacity according to the surging customer demand; Weidmuller's German headquarters integrated the resources. Later, it was found that it was very difficult to build this project, especially to expand production capacity for the Chinese market, increase production, and Book multiple positions in the China Europe route to ensure smooth delivery; Led by the German headquarters, Weidmuller quickly set up a special working group, formulated a special plan for a special period, made rapid decisions, responded positively, implemented quickly, and worked together with partners to overcome difficulties

based on China, it enables a vast market

at present, the impact of overseas epidemics is still continuing, the international environment is becoming increasingly complex, and instability and uncertainty are significantly enhanced. Under the new development pattern in which China has built a domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles promote each other, the gross domestic product (GDP) recovered in the second quarter after a squat in the first quarter, with a year-on-year increase of 3.2%

the steady recovery of China's economy has added more confidence to the global manufacturing industry. Zhao Hongjun said that how to better serve the Asian market focusing on the Chinese market has always been an important mission of weidmiller. Although the changes in the external environment have had a certain impact on the Asian market, including China, Weidmuller has always adhered to the core brand values of taking local customers as the center, and has always adhered to providing intelligent solutions for customers with innovative technologies, products and services, and has always been committed to meeting the personalized needs of customers at different levels

Weidmuller has developed rapidly and healthily in China. Based on China, radiating Asia and serving the world, it is an important development strategy of Weidmuller. Zhao Hongjun said. Weidmiller introduced advanced technology into the Chinese market through the localization process to meet the needs of customers in China and even the whole Asian region. At the same time, some solutions developed in China also empower other global industry partners and customers through the central hub role of the headquarters

in this special period, Weidmuller actively deployed in the Chinese and Asian markets and achieved more than expected results. Zhao Hongjun said that on the one hand, the epidemic has greatly promoted the development of medical and health care industries; On the other hand, the epidemic forced enterprises to increase the pace of automation, informatization and digital upgrading; In addition, the new infrastructure construction has been strengthened and accelerated to effectively stimulate the demand of the manufacturing industry. Weidmiller is also actively expanding the medical, logistics, photovoltaic, wind power, 5g communications and other industry markets

thanks to Weidmuller's good layout in China and the Asia Pacific market, as well as its good performance in the Chinese market, Zhao Hongjun said that Weidmuller's development expectation for the next few years is to continue to achieve high-quality development at a stable growth rate, which will further boost the overall development of Weidmuller group

digital is the sword. In the post epidemic era, digital transformation will no longer be an option, but a must. Weidmuller realized the potential of digital development very early and has been committed to developing new digital and intelligent connection solutions to help the development of intelligent manufacturing

the epidemic makes us rethink the digitalization of enterprises. Through more digital equipment connection technology, enterprises can achieve a high degree of cooperation among people, machines and the environment and the realization of intelligent manufacturing, which greatly reduces the uncertainty risk of the external environment. Zhao Hongjun said. This has also become an important weapon for Weidmuller to consolidate its dominant position in the domestic and foreign markets in the post epidemic era

Weidmuller mainly cuts into industry 4.0 from the perspectives of factory digitalization, industrial analysis, cloud services, etc. Zhao Hongjun believes that industry 4.0 is not to make an automation, informatization and networking production line, but the whole supply chain and even the whole industry have entered automation, networking and informatization, which will undoubtedly have a far-reaching and even subversive impact on the future of global industry. New technologies not only subvert traditional industries, but also inject new genes into various industries. Big data, early warning, monitoring, analysis, etc. will promote the intellectualization and systematization of connection solutions

Weidmuller always believes that only when allied market research, a market research company from production to operation, predicts a comprehensive digital transformation through a report, can enterprises really be as stable as a rock in more black swan events and win more powerful competitiveness. Weidmuller will also empower the majority of partners in this process and create Weilai

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