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Shandong takes four measures simultaneously to improve the mechanization of apple production

recently, it is reported that at the press conference of China's first apple bagging machine held in Yantai, Shandong Province, hanyongping, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery, said that at present, the level of differentiation between Shandong's main grain crop cultivation and harvest comprehensive machinery and other materials provided by sculpteo has reached 82%, but the development of cash crop and forest and fruit mechanization is slow. Apple is an advantageous agricultural product in Shandong Province. If the mechanization problem is not solved, the labor cost will not be reduced, the production efficiency will promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and promote the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. Looking at how Shandong Aluminum can't improve its performance, it is difficult to establish its advantage in the fierce market competition in which the excitation system shows zero calibration

according to Han Yongping, focusing on the mechanization of apple production, Shandong Province will focus on four aspects in the future: first, accelerate the research and development of applicable machinery, and strive to do a good job in the article from scratch, from existing to excellent, from a single variety to a series of products through the organic combination of production, learning, research and promotion, so as to effectively solve the problem of equipment. Second, we should speed up the promotion of standardized planting, adhere to the integration of agricultural machinery and Agronomy and fruit art, combine the transformation and upgrading of old orchards, and take the road of improved varieties, intensification, base and standardization. Third, accelerate the whole process mechanization of production, focusing on mechanical planting, fertilization, plant protection, pruning, bagging, picking and grading screening, relying on the demonstration base, pay attention to system research and the verification of overall solutions, vigorously develop standardized cultivation, efficient plant protection, precise pesticide application, intelligent management, mobile picking and other equipment, lengthen the mechanical operation chain, and gradually realize the whole process mechanization of apple production. Fourth, accelerate the development of professional service organizations for agricultural machinery, and provide full custody and semi custody agricultural machinery socialized services for fruit farmers in key links such as field management, harvesting and cold chain processing through contract operations, order operations and other ways, so as to reduce labor production costs as much as possible

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