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Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, prepared the "Outline" and attached importance to the emerging industry of paper making along the river

with the approval of the relevant departments of Jiangsu Province, the "outline of the overall planning for the development of Taizhou along the river" jointly prepared by the Nanjing Institute of geography and lakes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Taizhou Municipal Development Planning Committee has been implemented. The objectives include the cultivation of emerging industries such as paper making, automobiles, household appliances, new materials, metallurgy, etc. It is understood that the outline mainly solves the development problems of Taizhou along the Yangtze River, and defines the major principles, strategic positioning, general ideas and main objectives of the development along the Yangtze River. Based on the existing foundation, Taizhou will strive to form five key industrial clusters and modern logistics centers of chemical industry, medicine, shipbuilding, materials, and electromechanical industry, and cultivate emerging industries such as automobiles, household appliances, new materials, papermaking, and metallurgy. These include the development of green building materials using cleaner production technology, accelerating the annual output of 3million tons of conch cement grinding project, the annual output of 100000 tons of coatings and intermediates DuPont chemical coating project, and 500000-1million tons of wood pulp and paper projects, and gradually forming a pulp paper paper processing industrial chain; Accelerate the construction of 3million tons/year heavy delivery asphalt environmental fuel project, etc

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